We ship MinerParts like PCIe Risers Internationally

We’ve had a few people ask us recently if we ship our MinerParts including PCIe Risers, dual power supply cables and Bitcoin hardware wallets internationally. Our current list of countries [...]


We now offer PCIe to M2 adapters

We now offer the PCIe to NGFF M.2 adapter. These adapter cards are used in some laptops and motherboards to add additional PCIe slots.  You can use these with our USB powered risers for [...]


Order MinerParts with Amazon Prime

Did you know MinerParts.com has a store on Amazon?  You can now order PCI-E risers, power cables, and other parts from MinerParts and use your Amazon Prime free shipping! Shop MinerParts on [...]


We Accept Bitcoin

We are happy to announce that MinerParts now accepts Bitcoin for payments on our website! Order the best MinerParts online and pay for them using Bitcoin! Now it’s easier than ever to get [...]


Green Risers Are Better than Black PCIe Risers

Green PCIe risers are better than Black PCIe risers.  At least we think so and so do some of our best customers! We’re switching all orders over to Version 6 Green PCIe powered risers. You [...]


Buying the Right PCI Express USB 3.0 Riser Extender Cable

Sometimes buying the right PCI Express USB 3.0 riser extender cable can be difficult. Early builds for GPU mining rigs used the PCI-e 3 slots directly on the motherboard.  Soon people realized [...]