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Green Risers Are Better than Black PCIe Risers

green version 6 pcie risers are better than black

Green PCIe risers are better than Black PCIe risers.  At least we think so and so do some of our best customers!

We’re switching all orders over to Version 6 Green PCIe powered risers.

You can see from the image above the 1x PCIe card that connects the USB cable to your motherboard.  I’ve flipped both cards over so you can see the soldering on the back. These are both brand new risers taken straight out of the anti-static bag!

The green card is neat and tidy. Clearly whoever put it together took their time.

The black card is messy. It looks like extra solder is smeared on the back of the card.

One of our customers has over 3 GH of Ethereum mining equipment. He was the first person to tell us about the problems with the black risers. He was experiencing intermittent issues. We sent him some replacements and he compared the two. The green riser was superior.

Green risers clearly have a better build quality than the black ones. It is easy to see from the image at the top of this post. There are other minor deviations between black and green risers. We feel that in general, the build quality of the green risers is more professional and detailed. Green risers seem to be better quality and less likely to fry your equipment.

We’ve notified our vendor we only want to buy the green risers in the future!

Get your green risers here:

Version 6 Green PCIe powered risers

What to do if you have a bad riser?

We stand by all our product. If a vendor starts to send us a bad product we’ll find a new vendor or get the issue squared away. We’re also happy to ship replacements to our customers!

Typically if you have just one or two bad risers we’ll ship them free. If you have more than a couple we may ask you to send us back the old ones and we’ll ship you new ones. That way we can provide more details to our vendor about the problems. (Someone also tried to claim 20 out of 20 bad risers which we know isn’t possible! This helps prevent someone from abusing our refund policy!)

We’d love to know what you think? Have you had any problems with the green version 6 riser or the black version 6 riser?

4 thoughts on “Green Risers Are Better than Black PCIe Risers

  1. HI Ben,
    I had this problem with one of the black 1x PCIe cards. You immediately sent me a replacement. Just wanted to thank you and let you know I will be back to do business with you in the near future. Good service like this is rare these days. Have a great 2017!

    1. Hi John,

      Thank you for your kind words. We love our customers and we’re always happy to take care of replacements.

      We’re also looking into new PCIe riser technology. We’ve been contacted by two different individuals working to create new risers. One in Europe and one in the UK. We’ll be looking for people to help us test those, if you’re interested!

      – Ben

  2. The green one is clearly lacking solder fill…. Not saying the black one is good, but I’d rather have a little extra flux than insufficient solder fill.

    1. Thanks for the comments Dan.

      Since this video we still utilize the green risers. We have a reliable source that takes quality control seriously. We also now use the blue version 6c with the PCIe 6 pin connector on the card. These can be powered by PCIe or SATA.

      It’s interesting in dealing with dozens of shipments of thousands of risers at a time, we can see the quality control (or lack thereof) coming from the factories. We had been promoting the version 7 blue riser but saw that the factory wasn’t taking quality seriously. You can tell even from the packaging and then we started to get more complaints from customers. When we switched back to the 6c risers (they’re the same as 7’s just a different factory so a different naming scheme) we could instantly see the quality was better. I run a large farm of GPU mining rigs. I do still find some issues with 6c risers but it’s just as likely to be a motherboard or GPU problem these days. I wish it was always a riser because they’re cheaper to replace but I have 4 or 5 dead motherboards here that need warranty replacing as we speak!

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