ben fittsMy name is Benjamin Fitts and I’m a cryptocoins enthusiast. I admit, I came to find out about Bitcoin a little late.  When I mentioned it to my business partner, Chris,  he told me he knew about it a year earlier. I wasn’t very pleased! LOL.

I’m “usually” an early adopter of technology. I can’t believe it took me so long to learn about Bitcoin.  My background is as an entrepreneur, especially technology. I had an internet service provider back in 1996. I owned a soccer search engine. I’ve done several different web sites and consulting since then.

Chris and I started dabbling in mining and altcoins in 2014.  We were mining on our home PCs and doing some cloud mining as well as mining rig rentals.  None of us were getting rich. We even lost money when it turns out one of the coin we were invested in was a scam.

None of that mattered. We had the fever.

When I started to build my own mining rigs I found it was much more complicated than I thought.  Even though I had built a couple PCs in the past building a miner was more complex. It took longer than expected and I ended up making several orders from NewEgg, Amazon, and even multiple trips to my local Fry’s.   Some of the parts I ordered turned out to be a waste of money. The first PCIe risers I bought burned up! I’m lucky my equipment didn’t get fried.

Even the wooden mining rig frames I built were more complex than I thought.  I thought it’d only cost me $10 in wood, but it wasn’t that easy.  I had to adjust measurements from the youtube video I watched.  I ended up cutting some bad cuts. I ended up having to buy a new battery and saw blade.  Those first two mining rig frames cost me at least $80 in wood, screws, and tools.  That didn’t even account for my time.

As I got more into mining I decided to start importing the equipment I needed for my rigs direct from China. I continued building mining rig frames and streamlined and improved upon my design.  Chris decided to invest as well through our BC Marketers, LLC business partnership.  We registered MinerParts as a fictitious name for our business and built a website. currently supplies mining rig parts all over the USA. We import the best parts direct from China.   That way you can buy all your spare parts for your rigs from a single source. You don’t have to order from 3 or 4 different web sites. You don’t have to wait 2+ weeks for parts to arrive from China.  We know every day of mining time saved is $$$ in your pocket.

We hope you will come to trust us as others have. Many of our customers are already repeat purchasers.

If you have any questions feel free to contact Chris and I.