We ship MinerParts like PCIe Risers Internationally

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We’ve had a few people ask us recently if we ship our MinerParts including PCIe Risers, dual power supply cables and Bitcoin hardware wallets internationally.

Our current list of countries (that we’re aware of shipping too) are:
Canada, Brasil, Australia, Macedonia, Hungary, Germany, Netherlands, Norway, Sweden, Belgium, Czech Republic, Russia Federation, Singapore, Belarus, Chile, Argentina, Peru, South Africa, and Israel

A lot of our customers use shipping forwarders to order from the US. This adds an extra cost. No need to forward when you order parts from MinerParts. We can ship to you direct. We ship via USPS, UPS, FedEx, and DHL. If you don’t see a valid shipping option during checkout just send us a message. We’ll try to find a better shipping solution for you. We know that some shipping vendors are better than others depending on where you live.

Countries in BLUE are countries we have already shipped to.

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