Case of 100 PCIe Risers with USB 3.0 – Version Blue 6c

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BLUE Version 7 server quality PCI-e Powered Riser with USB 3.0 cable.  This riser has a 6 PIN PCI-e connection and extra capacitors to handle the high power requirements of modern mining rigs.

This listing is for one case of risers. A case includes 100 risers.

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100 pieces, 1 case, Blue Version 6c PCIe Powered Riser

Advanced version we consider “server quality” powered risers.  These have a 6 pin PCI-e connector instead of MOLEX for higher power usage.

  • Brand New in anti-static bag. Just arrived from China.
  • 1x to 16x PCI-e riser
  • 4 solid capacitors and voltage regulator for protecting your graphics cards
  • Many technical improvements over other styles of PCIe powered risers
  • Use either 6-pin PCI-E power direct to your PSU or 15-pin SATA power cable
  • Flat bottom so it can rest safely on your mining rig supports
  • 60 cm / 24 inch USB 3.0 cable with plenty of length for spacing out your GPUs for maximum airflow.
  • Version 6c
  • Great for people running server power supplies
  • Very stable. This riser has been popular among server farms for a year
  • This listing is for one full case of PCIe risers, 100 units.

THIS ITEM IS NOT FOR LAPTOPS! It does not use standard USB. It requires the PCIe slot/adapter card.

Each CASE Includes:

  • 100 pieces: 60cm / 24 inch USB 3.0 cable (random color)
  • 100 pieces: PCI-e 16x adapter board (Blue)
  • 100 pieces: PCI-e 1x riser board (Blue)
  • 100 pieces: 6 PIN PCI-e to SATA power adapter cable

Make sure you’re buying the best quality risers to protect your expensive GPUs. Ribbon cables and first generation PCI-e risers are dangerous.

Why Buy from MinerParts:

  • US Based
  • Fast turnaround (within 24 hours)
  • Most recent version 7 of the PCI riser available.

These are designed especially for mining cryptocurrency like: Ethereum, Expanse, Litecoin, Dogecoin, Bitcoin, Monero, Siacoin, Dcred, Zcash, Library etc.

We import only the best quality PCI-e extenders. We’ve tried 5 separate vendors to find the best vendor for you. Order with confidence.

Fast shipping from Texas and Mississippi, USA! Start mining faster!

Additional information

Weight 25 lbs
Dimensions 24 × 12 × 12 in


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